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About Us

Club History

The Anderson Obedience Training Club, Inc. has expanded over the years from a very small group of dedicated pet owners to a membership of over 100 individuals.  We have gone from the first training class held in a sale barn with one ring, to our present training location with four rings.  Our goals today are much the same as in 1944:  to promote and encourage the training of all dogs, and to promote Responsible Dog Ownership.
On October 12, 1944 the Anderson Obedience Training Cub, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Indiana as a not for profit corporation.  The purposes for which it was formed are:

  • To promote interest, training, ownership and appreciation of purebred dogs.
  • To sponsor and conduct canine obedience training classes.
  • To hold and support obedience trials and sanctioned matches under the Rules of The American Kennel Club
  • To do and perform all things necessary to the carrying out  the above purposes.

The organization was disbanded in 1946 due to the war. In late 1954 a group of dog owners started training classes in the Anderson area once again.  The group was known as the Anderson Dog Obedience Group.  On January 11th and 18th, 1955 the first training classes were held at Hector Kirk’s sale barn with some classes held at the Sports Arena on Meridian Street in Anderson.  The Club later moved to the Coon Hunter’s Club. Classes then took place at the Conversation Club on West 8th Street in Anderson: and, the name was changed back to Anderson Obedience Training Club.
The Club continued to hold classes at the Conversation Club until 1968/1969.  The training was then moved to their present location at the Indiana National Guard Armory at 125 South Scatterfield Road in Anderson. Around 1971 the Club was re-instated by the State of Indiana as Anderson Obedience Training Club, Inc.  On March 12, 1973 the Internal Revenue Service approved our application for exemption from federal income tax.

Through the guidance and encouragement of Mr. Max McCammon, an AKC Obedience Judge and one of our members and an instructor, the Club started the process of being licensed by The American Kennel Club to hold AKC obedience trials.
January 12, 1969 was the date of our first fun match.  On April 12, 1970 The American Kennel Club granted Anderson Obedience Training Club, Inc. permission to hold its first AKC Sanctioned OB Match Show, and on September 9, 1973 the Club held its first AKC Sanctioned OA Match Show.  The American Kennel Club approved the date of September 7, 1974 for holding the first annual AKC Licensed All-Breed Obedience Trial.

In 1998 the Anderson Obedience Training Club, Inc. was approved as a member club of The American Kennel Club.  Our first AKC Delegate, Mrs. Patricia Sample, was seated at the September 1998 AKC Delegates meeting in New York City.
Today the Anderson Obedience Training Club, Inc. offers classes in Kindergarten Puppy Training, Basic Obedience, which are open to all dogs – purebred and mixed breed.  The owners are taught how to train their own dogs.  For our club members we offer Novice, Open, Utility, and Rally Classes.  Many of our members compete in AKC events to earn titles on their dogs: Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Agility, Hunt Tests, Herding, Lure Coursing, and the Working Dog Sport.
Our Club stresses the importance of Responsible Dog Ownership.  Several of our members are active in the community with canine related issues; and, our Club is always available to go to schools, libraries, and nursing homes with our dogs to demonstrate and give talks on the importance of obedience training for all dogs. Several of our members are American Kennel Club approved judges who officiate at AKC Obedience and Rally Trials.

Anderson Obedience Training Club, Inc. class instructors are members who volunteer their time, and are actively showing their dogs at AKC events. They maintain and improve their knowledge of training and canine behavior by attending seminars presented by knowledgeable and respected people in the field of dogs.

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